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3D welding tables in May 2019


39x78'' 3D welding tables with robots

2 sets of 39x78'' 3D welding tables with OTC robots 

4000x2000mm 3D welding table for Chassis 

47x94'' 3D welding table with positioner 

Octagonal table with robot

A DCT modular fixture can be built within hours and modified in minutes. A comparable dedicated fixture can take days, even weeks, to manufacture and modifications can be extremely difficult. The ability to reuse modular components day after day significantly reduces long-term tooling costs.
Increasing your throughput means more finished parts going out the door. Our customers often report that they have doubled production rates by using a DCT system. With a properly designed system, the fixture is quick to assemble, and even faster to modify should a design change occur.

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