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Why is Modular Welding Table?




Modular fixturing consists of a reusable set of tooling components and tables. These components, when assembled into a fixture, can then be taken apart, re-assembled and re-purposed for another part or weldment. Modular fixturing also standardizes work between shifts and employees. Companies quickly reap the benefits of time savings, cost reductions, and injury reductions by switching to modular.


Modular fixtures are designed to be reused time and time again. Many of our older customers still use their systems that were initially purchased in the 1990’s.


A single investment in a DCT modular fixturing system will pay for itself in just 8 – 10 fixtures. The more modular fixtures built will result in additional savings added to the bottom line.


Fixture Design Optimizes Tooling – When a fixture design accompanies a welding job, the result is optimized tooling. Modular fixtures can be fully documented in the computer using 3-D CAD models, unlike a conventional dedicated fixture. Which means that you can quickly access set-up drawings, procedures, distinctive design details, and fixture revisions when needed.

Highly Accurate Welding Fixture Table 

Though there’s a built-in scale and scribed lines in every welding fixture table, the real accuracy comes from the precision bores held to +/-0.001″ tolerance. Fixtures that are built today can be rebuilt a month later with the same results achieved. With the precision tables, angles, and blocks machined flat and square 0.0018/12”, it would be a challenge to get a weldment out of square.

Increase in Flexibility

A single welding table kit can be assembled into hundreds of fixtures. Modular fixtures can be built in a matter of minutes by recycling the tooling components from one fixture to another. Fixtures can then be quickly adjusted to handle last minute changes to the part design. When documentation from our CAD library is used, fixtures can be rebuilt to exact dimensions.


With DCT 3D clamping systems and 3D welding tables, you reach your goals more quickly and generate higher yields. Our daily mission is to meet and even exceed the high standards of our customers.

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