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Toggle Clamp


•    For fast clamping fastening with lighter clamping force
•    For production runs(short clamping times)
•    Fits in all system bores
•    Toggle Clamp can universally be used with 28mm bore holes

  1. Horizontal toggle clamp with insert nut
·        Long rod-guide with attaching thread and nut
·        ergonomic, oil-resistant handle with large hand contact surface and soft component
·        with tempered, galvanised clamping screw
·        incl. insert nut for use with any system bore

2.  Horizontal Toggle Clamp with Adapter

3. Horizontal acting toggle clamp - Uni ( with universal stop)


4. Vertical Toggle Clamp with Adapter & countersunk head screw 

5. Vertical toggle clamp-Uni ( with universal stop)