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These stops are easy to use in work areas with limited space. Standard precision scaling allows fine adjustment using grid lines. Stops with a combination of system bore and oblong hole are continuously adjustable. Thus an endless number of clamping possibilities can be achieved.Additional recesses are provided for fastening corner stops. These stops offer ultimate flexibility in any clamping situation.

 1.  Locating disk
•       use as a stop or a support
•       Attachment with PC bolts or connection bolts
•       infinitely adjustable by rotating (adjustment track A)
•       low space requirement

2. Universal-stop small  
    •    preferred use where space is limited

3.  Displacement-stop

•     infinitely adjustable by bilateral scale
•     bilateral precision scaling

4.  Universal-stop large
•     Oblong hole, thus many clamping options.
•     In table bore pattern lockable and attachable 5-sided by means of PC bolts
•     In position 360

5. Universal-stop 225 L &115 L
•     The universal stop is perfectly suitable for clamping metal and shaped pieces
•     Also available in chromed version

6.  Stop-strip
•     Combination System bore / Oblong hole hence
•     many clamping options