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Spacer Block


There are situations where having a bigger welding table would be nice. We developed the spacer block so the welding table can grow with your needs. A smart system for the temporary expansion of your welding table. When you use our rail system you can extend the supporting surface with spacer blocks as far as the rails reach.


Spacer Angle U-shape

·        Use: 5-sided
·        as table connection for connecting multiple 3D tables
·        third axis extension as a clamping tower or as a lateral table locator
·        Connection of system components

More Photos:

Spacer Angle C-shape

Spacer Angle L-Form

The four working surfaces of spacer angle L-form has the following functions:
·        Extending the length of working table and facilitating fixing and clamping workpieces.
·        Linking two or more than two welding tables. 
·        Used as locating pieces and supporting pieces for welding fixtures.