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Welding Table Clamps


Clamps are great tools to work with to keep things in place especially if speed is of essence. We offer a variety of welding clamping systems including fixed type clamping piece and adjustable clamping piece. We also have 45 degree and 90 degree clamping piece. Our wide variety of clamps available you will surely find something that suits your needs.

1. Compensating Swing Clamp with Spindle

2. Compensating Swing Clamp with short boring spindle
  • Especially recommended for use where space is tight

3. Screw Clamp 180° with Spindle

 4.  screw clamp 180° with short boring spindle

5. Swing clamp 45° with adjustable screw

 6.  Swing clamp 45° with short boring spindle

7.  Swing Clamp 90°