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11 Piece Set of Supports

Product details
●For 5-100 mm height compensation on the respective supporting surface
●Smallest increment 1mm
●with dimensions of the compensating disks
●Support mandrel fitting each system bore 28
Self-locking with O-Ring
Support prisms consisting of: Support mandrel individual + bearer sleeves L1-L50 + V-block locations

  • The DCT 11 Piece Set of Supports offers the option to vary the height of the support surface. The individual supports can be used to compensate for 1-100mm height differences. The lowest grading of the supports is 1mm, in order to achieve the intended height precisely. The measurements are specified on the particular discs. Aided by the O-rings, the Supports can be adjusted easily and precisely. The Set of Supports can be universally used in all boreholes of system 28. The M10 thread on the inside of the supports enables fastening of customer-specific components or prisms.

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