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Transport ring/Hoist Shackle

Product details
●For fast, easy and safe transportation of all heavy system components (e.g. worktable)
●Attachment with 2x PC bolts.
●Transport ring must be attached with at least 2xPC-bolts!
●Transport ring may only be used for DCT 3D systems!
●Internal operating instructions must be observed!
●Only undamaged Transport ring and PC-bolts may be used!
●The transport ring must be fastened centrally on the worktop. When using two transport rings, these must be fastened centrally and symmetrically on the worktop.
●The general regulations for means of transport have to be observed when using the transport ring!

  • The Lifting Bracket with Safety Hoist Ring has a load bearing capacity of 2,000 kg and is used for transport of tables and other heavy components safely and easily. It is fastened quickly using 2X clamping bolts. The safety hoist ring maintains a consistent load bearing capacity even with lateral force components as long as its swivel and pivot motions are not impeded by other objects. With all lifting brackets users must observe general rules and regulations for material handling safety. Users must ensure Hoist Rings are fully threaded and sit flat on the bearing surface. Users must ensure clamping bolts are fully seated onto the lifting bracket so that bolts can achieve full clamping capacity. Objects should not be lifted further than 100 mm off the ground and personnel are not allowed under objects being lifted or moved.

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